Dem  F. Robles, Senior Pastor


     Phone: (619) 254-7729

Matthew Belonio, Associate Pastor 


Shekinah Diel, Pastoral Youth Leader

Marcie Gutierrez, Office Secretary





Joe Gutierrez, First Elder

Ernesto Banaag, Business Administrator

Josie Galang Dauglash, Church Treasurer

Arlene Ferrolino, Church Clerk


Church Office Phone: 818.543.0110

Hope Channel


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Boy tries to prove pastor wrong about Sabbath

He fails and ends up planting a church in Ethiopia

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In Puerto Rico, at 103 years of age, man decides to give his life to Jesus

As he came out of the water, 103-year-old Carlos Ortíz García raised his hands in victory, rejoic...

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Life-saving heart device program recognized for excellence

For the third time, the Loma Linda University Medical Center received the Advanced Certification ...

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